3 Consistent Actions to Help Dominate on Google Maps

John Cody

John Cody

CEO, Social Spike Marketing Group

As a local business, you’ve probably already heard the importance of having a Google my business profile. If you haven’t, then let me quickly discuss why it’s important to. Each and every day, over 3.5 billion Google searches are conducted. Wow, right? That’s nearly half of the entire population of the planet, doing a search. Of that large sum, approximately 45% of it is for a local business. Needless to say, there are a lot of people looking for products, and services in your community every single hour.

Google my business is essentially your spotlight, pointing bright at anyone who might be in need of the types of solutions you have to offer. Without it? No light is shining to let people who you can help them. The same can be said for those who neglect the one you might already have set up.

In this article, I will touch on the 3 main things you should all be doing on a consistent basis to help give this more visibility locally, and how you can shine this light as bright as possible.

1- Google Posts

Publishing posts on your Google Maps company listing keeps it interesting, just as fresh content will help your social media marketing strategy. When rating companies, Google takes daily posting into account. New content also helps to increase customer interaction and creates buzz.

Remember, when someone is going through your profile via Google maps, they are soaking in the information provided. They’re checking out the details of your services or products.

They’re looking at your media. They’re checking your reviews. They’re also looking at posts that might be relevant to their needs.

What Should I Post?

Halifax SEO - Google my Business Posts - Content Creation

To not over complicate things, and to try and make this as relevant as possible, they’re two things I’ve found to be the most effective.


Your potential customers are likely to have questions about your product or service. You can likely come up with a list of common inquiries you’ve had to help with over the years. If you’re coming up blank, you can do a simple trick to find questions that might be relevant

1- Visit https://answerthepublic.com

2- Type in what you do (Plumbing / Baker / Accountant / Health Insurance)…anything that is relevant to your offer.

3- Check out all of the questions / make a list of the best (or most relevant) / Answer them with 100-300 words. It’s also a good idea to include your location within those 100-300 words.

How to find FAQS

BONUS – It’s a good idea to have the most commonly asked questions, also answered on your business website. Bonus on top of a bonus if you can link these Google posts (to the pages where you also answer these questions). WINK WINK*****

B- Offers

Nothing gets people excited to try out a business, like a promotional offer. These typically have the best click rates. Now, you don’t want to overdo this, but if you are normally running any kind of promotional deals elsewhere, make sure you mention it here too!

2 – Impactful Google Reviews

No matter what anyone might tell you, Google reviews are super powerful (in more than one way). First, they show your potential customers that you are reliable, trustworthy, and deliver on whatever it is you promise. Customers are looking at what people might be saying (especially if this is a higher end purchase). The number of reviews, and the quality of the reviews, are also a very positive signal to Google. Essentially, the higher the quality/quantity you have in terms of reviews, the more trust Google can pull from this kind of data.

When searchers read about other customers’ positive experiences, they are often compelled to use your business. Earning positive Google feedback gives you the power to gain customer trust and establish your company’s authority.

How do you get great feedback?

You’ve already begun the process if you’ve built a Google Maps business listing.

When your company is ready for feedback, follow these steps to keep track of them:

A- Obtaining feedback from loyal customers. You can do this by sending an email after servicing them. You can leave cards/posters in your store (or front desk). You can also have a spot on your website where they can go to leave a review also.

B- Always make sure you respond to each and every review (good and bad)

C- Taking care of any issues that come up during reviews

At the end of the day, you want to demonstrate to potential customers that you value their opinions and views.

BONUS – The words a customer uses in the review can also trigger results in Google Maps. So when you’re asking for a review (reference in your communication that you’d love for them to discuss the X Service/Product).

Google Reviews and Search Intent

3 – Adding Photos and Media

Although it can seem insignificant, adding professional photographs to your Maps listing can have a powerful effect. Photos show that you are a vibrant and engaging brand. Consumers performing local searches can notice them as well.

Images are a must-have in your businesses Google Maps listing, just as they are in your web material for search engine optimization.

Upload them using the following method:

1- Log in to your Google my Business profile account

2- In your dashboard (left hand side), go to the “photos” tab.

3- When prompted, drag and drop images into the specified spot.

4- Label them in terms of the relevant category, such as: at work / exterior / interior / team

Adding new images to your listing on a regular basis is one way to take advantage of the benefits that is your Google my business listing. At least one new photo per week — or per day if necessary — is a good goal to aim for.

Google my business pmu media views

Potential customers can interact with companies who can meet their needs more easily than ever before thanks to Google Maps business listings.

When you follow these simple steps to optimize your listing, you’re giving your business the opportunity to interact with a new audience in your area.

If you’d like to learn more about Halifax SEO, check out our blog that is jammed packed with tons of useful tips & hacks!


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