Founders Build Roads, Not Cars | Patrick Collison + Derek Andersen

Patrick Collison is the CEO and co-founder of Stripe, the technology company that expands internet commerce by making it easy to process transactions from anywhere. After experiencing firsthand how difficult it was to set up an online business, Patrick and his brother John started Stripe in the fall of 2010. Their goal was to make accepting payments on the internet simpler and more inclusive. Today, the 500-person (and growing) Stripe-team processes billions of dollars a year for hundreds of thousands of companies, from Fortune 500’s to upstarts. Stripe’s vision is to create a world in which an entrepreneur’s success is no longer determined by geography or personal means, but on the promise of their idea. Stripe most recently launched Atlas, a toolkit for starting a global internet business from virtually anywhere in the world. Earlier this year Patrick joined President Obama in Havana in March to open Atlas to Cuban entrepreneurs, and was soon after named a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship. Prior to Stripe, Patrick co-founded Auctomatic, which Live Current Media acquired for $5 million in March 2008.

Derek Andersen ​is the Founder & CEO of Startup Grind, a 400,000 person entrepreneurial community with 200 chapters in 85 countries run by more than 1,000 volunteers. Startup Grind’s mission is to help every entrepreneur in the world. It’s core values are giving before you take, helping others first, and making friends. Derek Andersen spent four years in product management at Electronic Arts working on games like The Godfather, Burnout, The Sims 3, and Mirror’s Edge. He left EA in 2009 to start Vaporware Labs, a product incubator which mostly failed but built products including Commonred which was acquired by in 2012, and Startup Grind. After running Startup Grind as a side project for 2 years, Derek turned his full attention to scaling it from 3 chapters to 200 chapters today. In 2015 Startup Grind will host 1,200 events for 75,000 entrepreneurs. He currently lives in Palo Alto, California but has lived eight years outside the U.S. in France, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, and the Cook Islands.

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